Parent & Carer Information

As your child’s first and lifelong educator it is important to us that we develop a working partnership with you as well as a close bond with your child. We do understand that it is not easy for parents to leave their child or children in the nursery because of their daily. Therefore, developing positive relationship with parents, guardians and carers are very vital.

That partnership will start from your first visit to the nursery, and will be strengthened as your child progresses. We actively encourage parents to join in with their child’s learning. In addition to open evenings, you can discuss your child’s development with staff members at any time (for example, at pick-up time), and can ask to see record sheets detailing their activities.

We work hard to ensure that parents are reassured that their child/children are very well looked after through our commitment to good quality of provision. 

It is our practice that the child’s key person/ staff will share with   you how your child/children’s day has been. We strongly believe that it is important to celebrate with the parents their key child/ children’s milestone or achievements, no matter how small. Also, through the key person approach concerns are identified early and shared with the parents. This enables the children and families to receive early help.

What support will your child get from the nursery?

The children’s wellbeing is at the heart of our provision. An unhappy or anxious child does not flourish and we want all children to progress in a secure and warm atmosphere. The room leader or key person is qualified, experienced and vetted. Therefore, during the settling in period they will consult with the child’s parents in order to personalise that time to support each child well.  Our settling in is done on individual basis, as it suits the child. If we feel a child will need more time to settle in -that’s fine!

Individual planning to his or her needs

We observed the children to judge how engaged they are in their learning and if we feel they need some extra support we will discuss it with you and put a support plan in place.

Key Person

All members of staff are involved in the care and development of your child, but our use of the ‘key person system’ means that one qualified staff member is always given personal responsibility for their learning and development record. The key person’s role is to get to know your child when they first join us, to take note of their individual needs and communicate these to other staff members, and to support them throughout their time at the nursery. The key person will also work closely with you to ensure that your child – and you – gets the best out of his or her time here.

For further more comprehensive details on the EYFS framework, you can download our helpful parents’ guide or visit the EYFS website. We are always happy to discuss the framework and individual children in more detail, simply contact us to arrange it.